As the World Food Association grows our aim is to harness the organisation?s strength to raise money for good causes. The Association?s affiliated charity is World Food Aid.

World Food Aid
On a mission to end hunger in our generation?

World Food Aid was established in 2011 and is a UK-based charity, on a mission to tackle the hunger issue.They have been helping to improve some of the millions of lives around the world affected by hunger.The charity’s work focuses on both the vital issues of supplying life’s basics – food, water, health and education – to the root causes of poverty and the
more complex issues surrounding aid,climate change and human rights.

Most of the World Food Aid’s work is aimed at enabling existing charities to carry out their fantastic and vital work on the front line, using the power and influence of the rapidly expanding world food industry to raise awareness and support for the battle against hunger.Previous beneficiaries of World Food Aid campaigns include the British Red Cross and Trussell Trust.

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