Established World Cuisines UK 2015 Mintel Report

The most popular types of ethnic cuisine eaten in the UK, Chinese and Indian, are firmly embedded on British menus, eaten by 78% and 73% of Brits respectively. These are currently end

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World Cuisines UK 2014 Mintel Report

The world cuisines market has posted strong growth in recent years, with retail value sales having grown by 32% over 2008-13. The market has benefited from a greater availability of a wider variety of

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Allegra Strategies, Eating Out in the UK, 2013

Industry analysts Allegra Strategies have released its How Britain Eats? 2013 Report, the definitive annual study into how UK adults shop, cook and eat food. Building upon EatingOut? in the UK series,

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Key Notes Ethnic Market Report Plus 2013

The ethnic foods sector is divided into the following categories: Indian, Chinese, Mexican/Tex-Mex, Thai, Caribbean and other. Chinese and Indian foods are the oldest and most well-established of thes

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Ethnic Cuisine UK 2012 Mintel Report

The UK ethnic food market benefits from strong demand as six in ten adults enjoy eating foreign food and 44% of users are continually looking for new and interesting ethnic foods. A variety of factors

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